Window Stencils

An inexpensive way to decorate windows is to use paint and stencils. Years ago, I made a flower stencil, and stenciled a border of blossoms onto a kitchen window. I have enjoyed them ever since. To use the stencil pattern provided (see below), trace the design directly from the screen using a piece of tissue paper, and use carbon paper to transfer it to a piece of cardboard. Cut out the design with a craft knife. Stencil the pattern onto the window using white acrylic craft paint and a stencil brush. You can use a piece of masking tape for a guideline on the window, and mark positioning with a bar of soap.

You can also use purchased stencils, but it’s fun to make your own. Penny pinchers can use the tissue paper found scrunched in the shoe box with a new pair of shoes. Iron it, and you are ready to to go. Stencil brushes often pop up at garage sales, or you could use a kitchen sponge.

You can decorate plain mirrors using stencils, as well. It would be beautiful to use a little bouquet of flowers stencil with pastel paints all around the edge of a mirror.

To clean th e window, just wipe over the stencils with a damp sponge. My flowers have lasted 25 years!

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