Supermarket Primroses

Supermarket primrose in a cookie tin

They are impossible to resist–coming when we are at a low ebb, deprived of sun, the sky grey, ice underfoot, we can’t bear it any longer. Supermarket primroses for a dollar find their way into our grocery basket and into our homes bringing a tiny warm breath of spring with them. Be sure to buy ones with just a few flowers and lots of buds–look down into the crown of the plant to see the buds. If kept moist and if you remove spent flowers, they will flower for weeks.

Is it worth it to plant them into the garden? My answer to almost all gardening questions is: it depends. If you give them a spot protected from harsh winds, and protect them from encroaching plants, they will overwinter in Zone 5. However they multiply almost frantically, and need constant dividing. I’m too lazy for this, the encroaching plants overtake, and suddenly the primroses are gone.

So perhaps we should use them for what they are: reminders that spring will come.

Primrose buds.

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