Clown Brush and Pencil Holders

I will say upfront that clowns usually frighten me– but not the adorable singing clowns on the labels of Pagliacci Brand Crushed Tomatoes. Making pizza one day with this brand, I hated to throw out the can, and  turned it into a brush holder. Then I bought Pagliacci Brand Tomato Paste, and had a matched set!

To make these, if you are really careful, you can simply pour out the tomatoes, wash and dry the inside of the can, and there you are. In practice, it’s hard not to get tomato and water on the label, and to clean the can thoroughly. I recommend cutting off the label along the back seam with a craft knife, and setting it aside, before cooking. Then you can clean the can when it’s empty, and chip off any lumpy glue that may be on it. Spread white craft glue along the can seam, and position the label along the seam. Use your finger to start spreading the glue evenly around the can, adhering the label as you go. Wash your hands, and firmly press the label down into the grooves. Allow to dry. You can varnish the can with acrylic low gloss varnish, for a shinier appearance.

If your store doesn’t have this brand, there are other brands of Italian tomatoes with colorful labels to choose from.

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