Flannel Pillowcases

Flannel Pillowcase Made from Remnants

It’s been cold–really cold–lately, and I don’t know where I would be without my flannel sheets and pillowcases. Some nights I can almost feel the cold pressing like some sort of big subarctic animal against the bedroom window, trying to get in. Frost flowers blossom on the window panes, and the floor is an ice skating rink. So the flannel sheets soften the shock of jumping into bed. Yes, we could crank up the heat, but then we would get a shock when the heating bill comes in, and, anyway,  I love being cozy.

With cold and flannel in mind, the other day I looked through my fabric stash and found two flannel remnants, and decided to make a pillowcase. I used some blue flannel as the body of the case, and a bit of blue toile for trim, and came up with a pretty and cozy pillowcase.

Cats Love Flannel
Toile Flannel

If you don’t have remnants, consider buying two yards of flannel, which will yield two pillowcases. If you look out for flannel on sale, you can often find it for $2 a yard. You can use a pillowcase you already have as a pattern. Iron the fabric, and tear it along the fold to yield two long pieces. For one pillowcase, fold a piece in half vertically, wrong side of fabric out. Place your pillowcase with its folded end on the fabric fold. Smooth carefully, and draw around the pillowcase using a ruler and pencil, allowing for a 1/2″ seam. At the open end, allow an extra four inches or so for the hem. Cut out, using a rotary cutter, if possible. Sew along the long seams, and then fold over a 1/4″ hem at the open end, and iron. Fold over the 4″ hem and sew by hand. Turn inside out and iron. Repeat with the other half of the fabric.

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