Not sure if I’m the only one to suffer from this strange affliction, but as afflictions go, it’s pretty benign. The main symptom is the inability to throw out a perfectly good jar, especially one that is taller or smaller, or more strangely shaped than run-of-the-mill jars. The result is that I have a shelf in the basement filled with jars. After all, who knows when one can be used in some imaginative way? The fact that my Mom always had a similar shelf in our house leads me to think jar-ophilia is hereditary. And, in fact, I do use recycled jars for storing spice mixtures and small amounts of unusual grains, or for vanilla sugar. So that’s my excuse.

Perhaps you are a closet jar-ophilia sufferer, in which case, here is a fun project for decorating your jars. Little flowers are painted onto the jar using enamel craft paints and cotton swabs. This is really easy to do, even if you feel you have no artistic talent.

FolkArt Enamels #4024 Hydrangea (light blue)
FolkArt Enamels #4001 Wicker White
cotton swabs
clean jars

To make a flower, squeeze small amounts of both the blue and white paints onto a plate. Dip the tip of a cotton swab into the blue paint and press the tip of the swab onto the glass to make a round petal. Make a circle of five dots. Then dip another swab into the white paint, and press into the center of the circle. You have a flower! You can make a circle of flowers around the jar, or do an all-over pattern. This is so easy to do, that there’s a temptation to overdecorate. I have found that a simple circle of flowers, or a sparing all-over pattern, is prettiest.

One thought on “Jar-ophilia

  1. You’re right, Aunt Fran–it is hereditary. I’ve got it, too!

    (Case in point: If I’m ever deciding between two different brands at the grocery store, and the products are the same price, I base my decision off of the packaging, and how I can reuse it later!)

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