Ceremonial Garden Gloves

very gardener needs a pair of these ceremonial garden gloves. Made from humble brown
cloth work gloves, they are adorned with flowers cut from chintz fabric. The flowers are adhered to the gloves with fusible webbing and then outlined with a bit of easy embroidery. This is a nice early spring project to wile away chilly spring days. These are the perfect gloves to wear on the first day of spring in the garden. Or wear when showing visitors around–they will be so impressed with your gloves, maybe they won’t notice the weeds.  Cotton gloves admittedly don’t last long, but when they do wear out they can be snipped up and tossed into the compost pile.


Purchase a pair of brown cloth work gloves at a hardware store. For the flowers, you will need a chintz with simple flower motifs for ease of cutting. Perhaps you can find something in your stash of fabrics. Or purchase a small piece (most stores will allow you to purchase 1/4 yard) of flowered fabric at a craft store and make extra gloves for gifts. You will also need some small scraps of fusible webbing, and some embroidery floss and an embroidery needle.

To make:

Examine your fabric and identify two floral motifs to use, keeping in mind the size of the glove back. The motifs can be different from one another. Cut rectangles around your motifs. Cut out corresponding rectangles of fusible webbing. Iron your chintz rectangles to the webbing, consulting the manufacturer’s directions, if need be. Let cool, and cut out your motifs. Peel off the paper backing. Position your motifs on the glove backs, and iron on. Use firm pressure, as the gloves are soft. If any small flower or leaf tips don’t adhere, glue them with a dab of white craft glue. Embroider an outline around each motif using a running stitch. A French knot in the middle of each flower would also look pretty. Or, what else can you think of?

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