Blue-checked Garden Kneeler

ou’ll never lose your garden kneeler in the grass again if you make one out of blue-checked vinyl: it will be visible far across the garden. The checks are fresh and clean-looking, with a bit of a French twist. Blue-checked vinyl can be found in the home decor section of craft stores, and sometimes at hardware stores. Often red and green checks are available, too.

To make, cut two 16 x 18″ rectangles of vinyl. With wrong sides together, sew around three edges, using half-inch seams, leaving one long side open.  A piece of foam rubber, cut to size, can be used to pad the kneeler, or you can use an old, clean bath towel. To use a towel, cut a 26 x 46″ towel in half cross-wise, and put one piece aside for another use. Cut the remaining piece in half lengthwise. Fold each
piece in half cross-wise (This is getting complicated sounding! The idea is to fold it so it fills the kneeler.) and stack one folded piece on top of the other. This is the pad for the kneeler. Holding open the un-sewn side, slip in the pad and adjust. Sew the remaining open side closed. Trim with pinking shears all around, and you are ready to garden.

You can also purchase extra vinyl to make a tablecloth. Just measure your table and add six inches or more all around for drape. Et voila! A pretty tablecloth that easily wipes clean. I have also used blue-checked vinyl to make a sturdy lunch bag, and a book cover for a much-loved French cookbook. What else can you think of? How about a shelf edging? Cut a strip as long as the shelf, and four checks deep. Then cut along the checks, stair-step fashion to form a lacy edge. Any scraps left? With pinking shears, cut vinyl into strips three checks deep, and six inches long. Loop to form a ring, and glue. Use as napkin rings for a rustic French meal.

Half a yard of vinyl will give you more than enough for this project, and the extra can be used for some of the projects mentioned above.

One thought on “Blue-checked Garden Kneeler

  1. I love this! It reminds me of Miss Lavish, romance novelist, in “Room with a View”: “Observe, Charlotte, my mackintosh squares.” She never traveled without a mackintosh square (and one for a friend) to sit on at picnics.

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