Pressing and Drying Daffodils

This is less a project than a suggestion, a suggestion stemming from the fact that we are in the middle of  a daffodil explosion here in the Midwest, with daffodils glowing everywhere in the spring gloom. Several years ago I experimentally pressed and dried some daffodils, and was surprised how beautifully they turned out: the petals are like tissue paper. So I’m suggesting that you press and dry some daffodils–not for any practical reason, but just because they are beautiful. I use an old phone book for pressing, and it works well. I pick the daffodils from the garden, and shake off any moisture, and place between the pages. Forget about them for awhile–a month to be on the safe side. You could probably use these in a scrapbook, and here I show a group I framed. I used a decrepit old frame to give an antique look, and backed the daffodils with natural cotton quilt batting.

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