Skin Care for Pennies, Part 2

Another natural substance that works for skin care is extra virgin olive oil. I had always heard of older Italian women who said olive oil was the secret to their beautiful skin, but it sounded greasy to me. Then I got a free sample of this oil in the mail from a cosmetic firm, along with their catalog. It was being touted as a complexion moisturizer. I tried it and was surprised how effective it was. I have also found that extra virgin olive oil works as a lip gloss, tames unruly brows, smooths the undereye area, and softens rough cuticles. The sample I received in the mail seemed identical to the extra virgin olive oil sitting on my kitchen counter, and that is what I use. To take away the kitchen aura, I have decanted some oil into a little hand-blown glass vial my sister brought back for me from Egypt, and it seems much more glamorous. The key to using extra virgin olive oil is to use a small amount–start with just a drop and work up from there. Try some after you have cleansed your face with powdered milk–your skin will look great!

And yes, you can add this oil to a melt and pour soap, to make it extra moisturizing for your skin. Use a proportion of six ounces of melt and pour soap to one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.  I used a 16-oz. cottage cheese container to make this round bar. It’s big, but it can be cut in half.

Olive oil soap.

Powdered milk and extra virgin olive oil together cost $10 at my local grocery store, and along with a daytime moisturizer containing sunscreen, could be an inexpensive and effective way to care for your skin.

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