Spring Mementoes

While it may be a bit late for spring mementoes, you can use flowers of any season, whether garden or wild, and you can vary the size of the frame, if you wish. Elsewhere I have mentioned that not only are some of the Something for (Almost) Nothing projects not fast and easy, but some could take the rest of your life, and Spring Mementoes is one of these. You could do Summer Mementoes, Fall Mementoes, and have whole galleries of them.  You could use flowers from a wedding, a walk in the country, down a city street (weeds are often beautiful when dried), or from a holiday. I have used some frames from Ikea, but it could be fun to unearth beautiful frames at garage and estate sales. I hope the instructions are readable–it’s a scanned image. The frame is 4 x 6″, but, again, you could use any size you like.

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