Idea File: Stamp Art

I can’t say I know much about art made with postage stamps, only that  when leafing through a book on country decorating I ran across a tiny image of an urn with flowers made with cut-up postage stamps. It was so pretty I decided to try to make one myself. The main problem with postage stamp art would seem to be gathering the stamps, as we are not exactly in the Golden Age of Postage Stamps. So I posted a notice on the staff bulletin board at work asking that if anyone had any postage stamps they didn’t want, that I could use them. At first there was no response, but then a trickle of stamps began which gradually turned into a raging, unstoppable torrent. Many people, it seems, can’t bear to throw out stamps, knowing that someone like me will appear at some point. Tip: Specify that you are looking for the more unusual, colorful stamps, or you will find yourself with a bagful of bronze Liberty Bell stamps! Using these stamps, a pair of decoupage scissors, and some Yes! paste glue, I recreated the urn and flower image on a piece of watercolor paper. I then “antiqued” it with some burnt umber chalk and framed it with an old golden frame picked up at a garage sale.

This craft is for you if you like doing things that require patience and precision, such as decoupage or paper cutting. Definitely a Something for (Almost) Nothing craft!

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