Iris Days

Irises are wonderful Something for (Almost) Nothing plants. They don’t ask for much and reward us by being spectacularly beautiful. If you are a beginning gardener, you can ask gardening friends for a “start” and you will always receive something beautiful, because as far as I can see, all irises are beautiful. The same can’t always be said about day lilies, for instance, of which there are a lot of rather ordinary varieties.  (I’m glad to be safely at a distance from daylily lovers as I say this.) But even a modest iris reminds me of a Greek goddess shimmering in iridescent robes.

The temple bell stops but I hear the sound coming out of the flowers. Basho

The bicolors down in the left corner were in the garden when we moved in, and are true heirlooms.
My friend, Pat Brennan gave me a start for this.
In a neighbor's garden.

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