An Oasis called Blumen Gardens

Blumen Gardens, in Sycamore, Illinois, is one of my all-time favorite nurseries, and my sister Kathy and I were there today. Nestled in the ruins of an abandoned industrial lot, it offers vivid lessons in garden design. The swirling brick pathways show how well-designed “hardscaping” can make a garden, and the use of pots and other props are lessons in creating focal points. Sun perennials are arranged by color, and you have the sense of walking through a rainbow. There is a generous feeling to this nursery, as waves of self-seeded poppies, larkspur, and hollyhocks surge out onto the street. There is also an entire vintage brick warehouse filled with a mind-boggling  array of pots, statues, and other garden tchotchkes. Blumen Gardens feels like a wonderfully imaginative garden oasis, and if I sound a bit “over the top” enthusiastic about it, it’s because I love the exuberant creativity of the place.

Come with a notebook, pencil, and camera to take note of ideas.  Blumen Gardens is worth a detour if you live anywhere in the western Chicago surburbs. It’s at 403 Edward Street, in Sycarmore, IL.

Kathy hauling away her finds, including ‘Luzula nivea,’ (a grass for dry shade), a fabulous hosta, and a miniature bald cypress.

3 thoughts on “An Oasis called Blumen Gardens

  1. Ooooh, a beautiful place! Love how they’ve grouped plants together by color – it reminds me of Nordstrom’s Rack! : ) Kathy has one wallopin’ hosta there – very nice! I have a tip for a great hosta source if you’re ever in the northwest burbs: Wolff’s Flea Market at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont is open almost every Sunday and there’s a gentleman there named Robert Castle from Indiana who grows and sells TONS of hostas! Very reasonable and he and his wife are so nice, too. I hope he’s there this year – it’s less than 2 miles and I haven’t had time to check it out this year! Anyway, looks like you ladies had a great day at the Blumen Gardens!! : )

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