Never Write a Blog About Your Cat

This is the one piece of advice I’ve received about blogging as cat blogs are a dime a dozen. But every cat owner has a cat blog curled up inside her, mewing and clawing to come out. So on a quiet holiday weekend, I’ll slip in my cat blog. Note: the pictures are taken rightside up–it’s Rocket who is upside down.

My cat Rocket sprawls lazily on the floor, and seems to have just taken a long inhalation of opium-infused smoke from a hookah, so languid and boneless is his demeanor. He seems to be watching little pink mice as they dance
ring-around-the-rosey above his head. His ears twitch slightly as an impish mouse tweaks them, “Rocket,” I call softly. I am not ashamed to say that we often ask Rocket what he wants for dinner. Will it be Tuna Feast today or Roasted Turkey Giblets? He slowly turns his head to look at me through lowered lids. Then his head falls back, and he gazes at me upside down. Apparently he is listing to the music of distant Aeolian harps. His half-closed eyes close slightly at the word “tuna.” Okay, it’s tuna tonight. He rolls over and stretches luxuriously. He is floating on a carpet of mouse fur, and his walls are forests of catnip. How wonderful it is to be a cat.

4 thoughts on “Never Write a Blog About Your Cat

  1. I love it – a hookah smokin’ kitty! They all have that way-mellowed-out look, don’t they?

    We have a ritual with Peanut, too . . . we decide which flavor he’ll have, but we are required to have him sniff it before it is served. The response is our key as to whether to serve it again: A “mmmrrrrr” as he runs toward his placemat where the dinner will be presented to him means “This is one of my faves!!”. A sniff with no “mmrrrrr”, followed by a bored ambling to the placemat means “Well, if that’s all we have . . . “. A sniff and a blank look up at us means “Are you kidding?” He may peck at it later if he gets too hungry. But, only if we are not looking. Peanut has his pride, you know.

    : )

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