Just Me, a Watermelon, and a Lime

I confess to being a watermelon nut, loving almost any watermelon set before me, whether seeded or unseeded, red or yellow, in cubes or crisp slices, carved into a swan or a dragon–I love it. But I readily admit that not all watermelons are created equal, and they can be hit or miss. You may have a slice of something lusciously crisp and sweet to nibble on as its juice runs down your chin, or you may find yourself with a watermelon that is good but a bit bland. Some might rush to sprinkle sugar on these unfortunate specimens, but I say, use fresh limes! Limes, as in 10 for $1.00 limes. Fresh lime juice and watermelon is a marriage made, if not in heaven, right here on earth. I first heard about this combination in a book called the “Three Bowl Cookbook,” written by Zen monks. The tangy lime juice will goose the most phlegmatic watermelon wedge. Even better, cut up the watermelon, squeeze on a fresh lime or two, and add a small box of fresh blueberries. Then go wild and sprinkle with chopped fresh mint. A baby bear could not be happier with his porridge than I am with a bowl of watermelon, blueberries, and lime. The 10 for a dollar limes can be found most reliably at a Hispanic grocery store. ¬†Confession: I don’t always have blueberries, so sometimes it’s just me, the watermelon, and the lime, and that works just fine!

4 thoughts on “Just Me, a Watermelon, and a Lime

  1. Fran,
    I have heard of sugar sprinkled on watermelon and even salt. But lime juice? I’ve never heard tell of that, however the picture looks so good and your prose are so tantalizing that I will be rushing out first thing tomorrow to pick up watermelon, blueberries, limes and mint. I can’t wait – this may be my new “go to” summer dessert!

  2. In my place (north celebes), we called it Gohu. Yay! *hungry* :p
    But in this case, we usually use vinegar that mixed with sugar and salt, then poured over the pieces of fruit (papaya, cucumber, watermelon), coupled with thin slices of red onion and some iced water.
    This can be eaten as a snack during a hot afternoon. ^^

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