Much Have I Traveled . ..

Saturday Morning. I’ve filled the car up with gas, done the week’s groceries, and am sitting at the dining room table quilting. The quilt is definitely a Something for (Almost) Nothing project, as I found the pattern, complete with little plastic templates, tucked into a quilt book purchased for 50 cents at a garage sale, and the fabric is from my scrap bag. As I quilt, I am mulling–or is it brooding–over the fact that after decades of women’s lib, that I am not out circling the earth in a space capsule, but just sitting here quilting, like something from Little Women. All I need is a hairnet. I’m listening to a “Modern Scholar” CD lecture called “The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World,” and while I may look like I’m quilting, I am actually flying over the Great Pyramid of Cheops. It’s fun. Still, is this what my world has shrunken to–my dining room table? I survey the quilt, whose folds resemble hills and valleys, and the crazy quilt squares looking like a farmer’s fields, and I even see the blue of a flowing river. I once was lucky enough to visit the Bronte parsonage in Haworth, England, and can remember  seeing Emily Bronte’s bedroom. About the size of a closet, or a prison cell, depending on your perspective, this is where she had dreamed of Heathcliffe, and had known towering passions as she roamed the moors of her imagination. I always think of that little room whenever I feel discontented, wishing I could travel more. Sitting here on a Saturday morning at the dining room table, listening to Lecture 4: The Walls of Babylon, I have traveled thousands of years back in time, hovering above the Hanging Gardens, seeing the lemon trees and smelling the sweet scent of roses. I return to sewing, and, again, happiness sneaks up.

5 thoughts on “Much Have I Traveled . ..

    1. Yes, and it becomes even more amazing when you see where they lived. The town is quite dark and bleak. Granted I was there on a rainy April day, but Haworth looked like something from the Industrial Revolution. And the moors were almost black and totally barren–nothing was green or flowering yet. Seeing this was to appreciate the power of the Brontes’ imagination. They took a really difficult life, and turned it into amazing works of art. At any rate, it’s worth visiting Yorkshire and the city of York, as well as Haworth–a wonderful trip.

  1. Fran,
    The colors and patterns you have chosen for this quilt are beautiful. Thanks for this wonderful post. I traveled across many miles as I read your words, I love to visit different places, in fact, would be happy to travel 365 days/year. This post gave me a small mini vacation. I needed that after a long day! What a great escape, now if i could just find a time machine…

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