Fond Mementos


I purchased these little paper mache picture frames at Hobby Lobby several years ago with no idea of what to do with them, only knowing that they were 99 cents and cute. They lay in a drawer for awhile before I had the idea of painting them and framing some snapshots of our cats. There is nothing serious or important about these frames, and they are probably not suitable for a living room wall. But there is something affectionate and happy about them, and I enjoy seeing them hung together on the wall in my craft room.


These frames are usually available at Hobby Lobby, but sometimes only in heart-shaped or oval versions, or they may have some little “photo box” picture frames which also can be used to display photos. So the selection of frames varies. Hobby Lobby also has a large assortment of paper mache items at its website.

I painted each frame with white acrylic craft paint, and then with a small, pointed brush, painted a wreath of flowers and leaves around each picture opening. You could copy these designs, or use small floral stencils.


7 thoughts on “Fond Mementos

  1. Oh, the frames are so cute! The kitties are cute, too! I like the viney flowers you added. I’m a “sort of” artist, i.e., when I draw or paint, people think it’s actually good; I love doing viney things and when my Mom-in-law passed recently, I got a bird house at Michaels and painted it with vines and flowers and little bugs and on top painted “In Memory of Esther” with her birth and death date. Somehow, it made me feel better!

    1. The bird house sounds lovely. Did you put it out in your garden? When my Mom-in-law passed away last year, we took a little frog plaque from her garden and put it in ours. I think of her every time I see it.

      1. I did put it in my garden. No birds yet, but it can take a while for them to take notice . . . and I think of her when I see it, anyway. I’ll post a pic of it on my WordPress, if I ever get it up and running!

  2. Oh, gosh! My picture popped up! I wondered why the message on the screen said “you are commenting using your account”. I did try to set up a blog yesterday, but didn’t have a clue what I was doing and didn’t think it “took”!!

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