Clothes Pin Cookies

I was well into thinking about this blog, and had baked the cookies, and with difficulty, had been photographing them–they kept looking like little volcanoes–when suddenly I had a thought: Does anyone even have clothespins anymore? I have some, but hadn’t used them in a clothespin capacity for a long time. I can remember helping my grandmother and mother pin up clothes, but I can also remember my mother’s joy when she got a dryer. So if you don’t have clothespins,  use your fingertip or the end of a wooden spoon to make the cavity for the jelly. Also, you can use any kind of jam or jelly you wish, but the current jelly is a bit tart, and adds a nice zing to the cookie. When you add the flour, don’t be afraid to knead the dough a bit with your hands so it’s cohesive–it will stay tender.  This recipe makes about 30 cookies and is very easy to cut in half.

A little container of these cookies would make a nice gift.

2 thoughts on “Clothes Pin Cookies

  1. Oh, Fran – the sight of that clothespin brought back some memories. Mom used to keep me occupied for HOURS with them – painting little faces on the “heads”, wrapping them with snips of fabric for a dress – cut on the bias, of course.

    This recipe looks yummy and easy enough for me, even. : ) Keep ’em coming – we love your blog!

    1. I used to make clothespin dolls, too! My mom would let me look through her scrap bag for fabric, and I just loved looking at the colors.

      Sherri–glad you like this blog, and I really appreciate hearing from you. Take care. Fran

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