Garfield Farm Heirloom Garden Show

Just wanted to mention that the Garfield Farm Heirloom Garden Show is tomorrow, August 28, 2011, from 11 am to 4 pm. This is my favorite garden event of the year and I never miss it. You can tour the Garfield Inn, which was built in 1846, and is on the Register of Historic Sites. There is a big garden of heirloom flowers, and there are turkeys, sheep and oxen to visit. The vendors are midwestern growers of heirloom vegetables, and you will find garlic growers, a hot pepper man, and local honey. There are lots of heirloom tomatoes on display and for sale, and there is usually a family selling Italian-themed vegetables. My sister and I always take the tour through the inn, though we have toured it many times, because it’s so enjoyable.

To walk through the show takes about an hour or so, and there is usually coffee and baked goods available in the farm headquarters if you need to take a break. The Farm is just north of Route 38 between Geneva and Elburn. From Route 38 turn north on Garfield Road and drive about 1/4 mile to the Farm. Their website is

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