Spinning the Garden Color Wheel

I had so much fun at Cantigny last week (see August 21 blog), that I took another look at the snapshots from that day, and was struck again by the skillful use of color in both containers and garden beds. Many gardeners are a bit hazy about color use in the garden–we may recall seeing color wheels in most basic garden books, but how it all actually applies to our gardens is not so obvious, as the information tends to be a bit generalized. I have a few more pictures taken at Cantigny, and thought I would use them as specific examples of how color can be manipulated to create a vibrant garden. Note: I’m not totally sure the streptocarpus below is ‘Concord Blue’, but if not, it’s something very much like it.

One thought on “Spinning the Garden Color Wheel

  1. I was looking for Jade Princess Ornamental Millet seed and found your post. Like you I discovered ornamental millet at Contigny and fell in love with it. See my blogpost at


    Did you start yours from seed or did you find a plant? Did you save some seed and would you share? I probably have something I could swap you for it.You have a wonderful blog. I will visit you often now that I have discovered you. You are invited to mine of course.
    Thank you.
    Bill Miller

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