Otter Creek Bend

Sunday, Jim and I drove to Otter Creek Bend, near St. Charles. It’s a scrap of land with a creek of green, rapidly flowing water, its banks overshaded by willow trees. The marsh is dried up this time of year, with only the swathes of willows and cattails testifying to its earlier presence this spring.  We’ve never see any otters here at Otter Creek Bend, but it does look like an otter theme park, what with the picturesque creek.

Otter Creek

When we arrived, we were confronted with the sheer silence of the place. I found myself feeling, rather than hearing, the silence, it was that profound, though as my ears adjusted, I could hear the sound of soft grasses in the wind, and of the flicking sounds of the grasshoppers in our path. Whether it was the quietness, the sunny warmth, the softness of the path we walked, I don’t know, but I felt something in me healing, and it was startling, because I didn’t know I was sick. But to lurch from our crazy world into this profoundly graceful place as the birds, the grasshoppers, and the frogs took care of their domestic chores unaware of our existence, was to know peace. Worry lifted off my shoulders and flew away like an enormous dark bird. Anyway, the winds, the sun, and the land were changeless, so worrying wouldn’t change a thing. We walked, enjoying the fields covered with prairie sunflowers and velvety goldenrod in full bloom. Some shimmering cottonwood trees graced the picture. And as we walked I thought about the ache in my heart that I hadn’t known was there and that was fading  away as we continued along the path, and I have been thinking about Otter Creek Bend for much of this past day.

Otter Creek Bend Wetland Park is in St. Charles on Crane Road between Bolcum and Silver Glen Road.

4 thoughts on “Otter Creek Bend

  1. Wonderful experience!

    I believe we are “wired” to be as connected with nature as you were at that moment. In our evolutionary journey, it’s really only been in the past hundred or so years that we’ve NOT been that deeply involved with the natural world, and – you are right – the fast pace, noise, and artificial environments are not healthy.

    1. We can get so used to all that noise and fast pace that it takes a trip to a nature area to make us realize there’s a problem. I will be going back to Otter Creek, and am lucky it’s so close. Fran

  2. oh it sounds so lovely,simple, peaceful and magical.i know it is what they call ”nature,”but,our lives at this moment in time is geared to missing this great natural gift of countryside,animals and a great feeling of well-being,which costs nothing,but,is rich in just being there to enjoy and breathe in….we all need this ”time out”and we know that only when we visit a pleasant area like this..yes,we are healed when we race back in time to this!!!

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