A Trip to the Art Institute

Section of Chagall stained glass window

I took the day off today (hurray!), and in the spirit of total self-indulgence I went downtown to the Art Institute. The Something for (Almost) Nothing angle? The first two Wednesdays of the month are free days–normally the entrance fee is $18. And you can eat there in the Garden Cafe, where they have reasonably-priced meals. Here’s a tip: The Art Institute opens at 10:30, and I got there soon after and was surprised how uncrowded it was. So I was able to grab a quick hamburger, and then tour through the European Art galleries with no problem. As I was leaving, though, at 1:30, the line to enter the museum snaked outside down the front stairs and along the sidewalk. So get there early!

At this point, I will be quiet, and just post some favorite things I saw today.

My favorite painting at the Art Institute. By Nicolas Poussin
The silk curtain looked real.
The Poet's Garden by van Gogh
Painted by French painter Louise Moillon when she was 20 in 1630.
One of a group of four paintings.
One of the waterlily paintings by Monet
Part of a Chagall mosaic at a city plaza.

3 thoughts on “A Trip to the Art Institute

  1. Oh, my gosh. The Chagall stained glass is AMAAAAAZING!! You think you’re looking at a complete figure and it sort of disolves, leaving a dreamlike ambiguity. And the Poussin piece has the same dreamlike quality – people moving toward the “spirit buildings” on the hill, but when they get there, the buildings will be gone, existing only in memory. Wonderful!

    1. The Chagall stained glass was amazing, and some people were just sitting in front of it, meditating, bathed in blue light. I really enjoyed my visit to the Art Institute, and hope to go again soon–too much to absorb in one visit!

  2. Fran,
    I too enjoy visiting art museums. Your post soo reminds me that i’ve not done that recently…
    Thanks for Following wingedbeauty.com. After living & working in NYNY, we had the opportunity to visit the magnificent jewelry pre-sale exhibitions at the top auction venues, and I got to see the very best up close. When I began my Macro- photography of butterflies, I realized OMG! The butterflies are more beautiful than anything that we have created…So…wingedbeauty.com was launched. Welcome & Thanks…..
    Pittsburgh, PA

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