OMG: Pumpkins

Beautiful Fall.

My sister Kathy is quite a gardener. Loving gardening does seem to run in the family–a great-grandfather grew prize dahlias, my grandmother had a rock garden, my mother always has had a garden, and Kathy and I cavort around like dolphins in our gardens. This is a preface to mentioning that Kathy had the people from Better Homes and Gardens photographing her garden Friday. A husband and wife photography team took many, many pictures of the garden and of Kathy walking down her garden path. She was instructed to not look like she was working in her garden, but like it was all done and she was just fluffing it up a little. So look for the pictures in next fall’s Country Garden magazine. The design team trucked in tons of pumpkins, asters, and ornamental kale, and she has shared the bounty with me, and I, in turn, would like to share with you. The flat pumpkins are Cinderella pumpkins, there is a black kale, Osage oranges, and there are wonderful gourds tucked in around the mums.

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