Glittery Leaf Gift Tags

This is just a little project, but it’s lots of fun, and if some of your happiest childhood memories are of using glitter and glue in Sunday School, you have found your project. Leaves are dried, and glitter is applied to the leaf edges. The name of the gift recipient is painted onto the leaf with white paint. These  glittered leaves could also be used as pretty name cards for place settings.

Right now you have your choice of leaves, and have only to step out the door for an enormous selection. For these gift tags I found that little red maple leaves give a delicate, lacy effect when glittered, and the color is so pretty. But small oak leaves would be nice, too, as would be the bright red leaves of the burning bush.

Once you have chosen your leaves, dry them in a phone book–it usually only takes about a week to ten days.

Then gather the dried leaves, white craft glue, and glitter. Pour a small heap of glitter onto a plate, and use a clean plastic lid from a cottage cheese container as a surface for the gluing. Place the dried leaf on the plastic lid, and carefully apply glue to the edges of the leaf. Place the leaf face down in the glitter, and press down so that all the glued edges are glittered. Lift up and shake to remove excess. Letter the names using a round tip paint brush and white paint. I used white gouache, but acrylic craft paint could also be used, or perhaps you have a pen with white ink usually used for scrap booking.

You could also dry larger leaves, apply glitter, and scatter them across the table for a special autumn dinner. They would look lovely in candlelight. Or, if you run across clear glitter, you could glitter the entire leaf! Glitter nirvana!

2 thoughts on “Glittery Leaf Gift Tags

  1. Oh, my gosh, I love this!! I love how all the members of the family – human and animal – are included in this expression of the “season of love”. Thanksgiving! Christmas! And it even SNOWED here yesterday! Sorry . . . I revert to childhood around this time of year . . . : )

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