A Few More Pictures from the Durant House

A festive swag on the front door of the Durant House.

I took a ridiculous number of pictures at the Durant House yesterday, and take the liberty of posting a few more. From the Something for (almost) Nothing standpoint, there are lots of easy ideas for Christmas decorations here that  we can borrow. Pine boughs, sprays of bittersweet, dried weeds with interesting seed pods, apples and oranges piled in old china, gingerbread men in bowls and perched on windows, garlands of cranberries, and garlands of popcorn all create a festive air. And when the holidays are over, these decorations can be given to the birds, or go in a compost heap.

Any blue and white china–it doesn’t have to be rare and precious–looks pretty filled with some Christmas greenery.

Oranges in a footed bowl. A pedestal cake stand could also be used.

A bird’s nest, pine boughs, gingerbread men, and old cookie cutters decorate the window.

My friend Susan is showing a visitor an old dough-rising pan. It has a lid and is kept near the stove so the bread dough can stay warm.

Some beautiful old spice tins.

In a little room just off the new kitchen.

A beautifully crocheted little bag.

Children’s toys, ready for Christmas morning.

Apples and gingerbread men–we can do this! And the mice will be happy, too.

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