A Cozy Flannel Nightgown for a Cold January Day

While some may make ambitious New Year’s Resolutions (save world, make a billion dollars, etc.), my ambitions for this year are small and sober: 1) keep sanity, 2) don’t lose sense of humor. Those are my long-term goals for the year, and it won’t be easy. I also made a short-term goal for today, a cold January day, the first of the year: make a new flannel nightgown. This may seem absolutely pathetic, but it’s all I’m up to. I need comfort, and a new flannel nightgown conjures memories of being a kid in a new pair of flannel pajamas my mom made. I have taken a bath, she has put up my hair in pincurls, and we are watching Gunsmoke. It’s amazing how a scrap of cloth conjures up so many memories.

I made it with a short sleeve.

I had already purchased a pattern (Butterick see & sew B5667, $2.99), and after rummaging in my fabric stash found a length of flowered flannel. I got to sewing. It turned out nicely, though for the sewers out there, I have some caveats. Do make it in a pretty floral, or it will look perilously close to something you would wear strapped to a gurney on your way to a lobotomy. (Just joking. Really, it’s pretty! Just use the prettiest floral you can find. The finishing on the neck edge is really nice.) Also, if you not sure what size to make, it is cut generously, so choose the smaller size.

Slip-stitching the neck edge.
A perfect day for staying indoors and sewing. Jim and I went to a nature area today, but we didn't last long in the icy winds.

3 thoughts on “A Cozy Flannel Nightgown for a Cold January Day

  1. That’s really sweet! I so identify with you recalling your memories of your Mum. My Mum made us a lot of clothes and in particular I remember two flannel / winceyette pyjamas when I was about 10. I’m 30 years older now and think it’s about time I had a go.
    I found your post via a google search on the pattern – just so you know 🙂

  2. How lovely! I just bought this pattern and minty green floral flannel to do the same. Seems a cozy for a dreary damp weekend.
    And my mother also made me snuggly flannel night gowns. But no pin curls.

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