Bird Treats

With the holidays gone past, I find my thoughts turning to our home and to making it as cozy and comfortable as possible. The tree is down, and I’ve been sweeping away cobwebs and scouring the floors–all from some ancient instinct to make our burrow ready for winter’s blasts. So far, we haven’t had any such blasts, but, still, we are ready for them! My thoughts have also been turning to the birds, to the stalwarts who have stayed here in the north. The goldfinches are gone, but we still have nuthatches and woodpeckers. With them in mind, I baked some bird treats this afternoon. They’re made with breadstick dough rolled in a bird seed mixture, and baked. These smelled so good when I pulled them from the oven that it occurred to me that these would make good people treats! Just roll them in poppy or sesame seeds, instead of birdseed.


Supplies:  One roll of Pillsbury Original Breadsticks (makes 12), birdseed, and one egg beaten with a bit of water.

To make: Roll each piece of breadstick dough to a length of about 12 inches. Form a loop with the dough, and brush with the egg mixture. Have ready a pan containing some of the birdseed. Press the dough circle into the pile of birdseed, pressing the seeds into the dough. Place onto an ungreased baking sheet. Form the dough circle into a heart (if desired). Bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes until brown. This is longer than the package directions specify, but these should be sturdy.

Using ribbon, yarn, or string (I found some ribbon tossed out with Christmas wrappings), hang the bird treats up in a tree.

While out photographing the bird treats, I came across a patch of snowdrops. I told them it's too early to come up, and to go back to sleep!

4 thoughts on “Bird Treats

  1. These are so cute! What a fantastic idea. I have placed my used Christmas tree out in my backyard for creatures to scurry through and use as shelter during the “cold” winter months. By adding these little treats to it for all the outdoor creatures it will add interest and give them a needed food source at this time of year.Thanks for a GREAT idea.

  2. Cool!!! Fran, after trapping, neutering, testing for disease and vaccinating 14 cats that we fed in the garage (long story), and then carting them off to a farm that houses feral cats in a managed community . . . (deep breath) . . . our WILD BIRDS ARE BACK!! They’re at the suet and seed feeders and are so pretty! I must try your recipe. Thanks, as always, Fran, for a day brightener!

    1. Sounds like you’e been busy! Nothing like trapping, neutering and vaccinating 14 cats to keep you occupied! You are a kind person, Sherri, to care for those cats–they’re very lucky. Glad to hear from you. Fran

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