Getting Away from it All

Photograph by Kerrin Rousset

Just about now there is a feeling of setting forth on a long slog through winter. Spring is really far away, and wearing boots and scarves and down jackets is getting old fast. So I just wanted to share a wonderful blog I’ve found that might help you “get away from it all.” Its called “MyKugelhopf: when your passions are food and travel,” and is written and photographed by Kerrin Rousset, who lives in Zurich, Switzerland. She writes about little medieval towns in Switzerland and France, and about the bakeries, patisseries, and local markets she finds. There are also some posts about bakeries in Paris, and in New York. There are wonderful photographs of traditional European specialties, including, of course, kugelhopfs. A kugelhopf, according to Kerrin’s blog, is a “sweetened bread, similar to brioche (although not as rich), flavored with raisins and almonds, baked in a ring-shaped earthenware mold and usually dusted with powdered sugar before serving.” 

Photograph by Kerrin Rousset

 The photography of “MyKugelhopf” is glorious, both of the food and the scenery. Today I learned about horse racing on the frozen lake of St. Moritz,  Switerland, and then took a little side tour to Brittany, France, to learn about a gooey pastry called Kouign Amann. This is not really a recipe blog, per se, but you will find a few recipes here and there, especially for cookies. Also fun are the links at Kerrin’s website. I have checked out two French-language links, called bcomme.bon and raidpatisseries, and although my French is rusty, the food photography was great.

So if you would like to take a little trip on a grey January day, have some fun and see some lovely scenery via “MyKugelhopf.”

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