Antiquing in Sandwich, Illinois

I went antiquing with my sisters Kathy and Janet yesterday, and more fun it’s not possible to have. We drove through the admittedly bleak landscape southwest of Geneva, passing through Plano, and then arrived at one of our favorite antique stores, one with the rather unpromising name of “Old Timers Antique Centre” in Sandwich. Not only is the name unpromising, but the building itself–a concrete cube–raises no hopes. We had come dressed for antiquing, with comfortable shoes, and there was bottled water in the back seat. Leaving our coats in the car, we walked in full of anticipation, and were not disappointed. Fortunately, we have the same style of shopping–there are more than 100 dealers here, with booths and showcases, and we scope out each booth briefly, look at a few interesting items, and move on. If we looked at everything, it would take a hundred years.

So we had fun, especially in the basement, where everything is 50% off. I had made a vow before stepping into the store to not buy any more pretty china plates, but when I saw a little plate in the basement in the pattern called “London,” with delicate green-blue flowers, and only $3.50 on sale, I fell for it. We made our purchases, and then had lunch at Brenda’s, a sandwich shop across the street where they sell frozen custard. Much revived, we drove on to the Sandwich Antique Mart, which is smaller but also fun, and then ended up at a wonderful antique store in Elburn, called “Amazing Grace Antiques.” This is in a lovely old home, and is full to the bursting with beautifully displayed things, both on the main and upper floor, as well as the basement. At this point, I felt a bit punch-drunk with antiques, but somehow found a flow blue plate that I had to have.

At home, I unpacked my treasures, thought about what a great afternoon it had been with my sisters, and then I lay down and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Here is a  gallery of some of the things we saw.

One thought on “Antiquing in Sandwich, Illinois

  1. Oh, all that blue and yellow has me craving spring! My newest border was planned to be blue and yellow, but other colors, such as purple, snuck in . . . with the rationale that it’s close to blue. Those bird pictures are gorgeous! I know you will find something to adorn with them, Fran.

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