In and Around the Garden–March 11

With tulips on the kitchen table, and tulips coming up in the garden, there is a festive air to the day, and I’ve been out in the garden touring around. It’s early to do any actual gardening, but with an almost nonexistent winter under our belts, I’m betting that doing a few early chores will be fine.

My first job was to fill up the little bird feeder, hoping that some perching birds will stop by. Jim spreads some seed on the patio for the mourning doves who seem to prefer eating on the ground.

This tree peony bud will bloom in early summer.

Then I took a look at the tree peony. Tree peonies are woody, and you have to be careful to prune away only woody material. I cut back my herbaceous peonies to the ground last fall.

Dwarf Dutch Iris 'Harmony'

This is a nice little iris–it’s very early and tough, and the flowers are lovely.

It was a great day to pull dandelions–they are small and the ground is moist. Don’t wait until they are big brutes and the soil is hard as a rock.

Heirloom hyacinths--King of the Blues--coming up.

Seeing this hyacinth emerge is like seeing an old friend after a long absence. I’ve had these for years, and they spread slowly but surely.

Rosie in her basket, tired out after a morning in the garden.

A cold wind sent me and the cats back indoors, to blog and to bake (that’s me I’m talking about, not the cats, though it would be nice to have some cats who could bake muffins).

Door knocker for our back door.

2 thoughts on “In and Around the Garden–March 11

  1. What an awesome day it was! I was out touring the garden, too. Lots of little bulbs peeking up. I basically was just picking up sticks and restraining myself from “cleaning up” the fall leaves from our two silver maples that I purposely put in the beds in November. I feel like it’s good for the plants to just leave them as mulch and am working to restrain the “tidy gardener” in me!

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