Take a Walk with Me . . .

The Fox River.

It was such a beautiful day that Jim and I went for a walk in a nearby park to see the daffodils. The park is in Geneva, along the Fox River.

The scene along the river.

A long time ago, some wonderful soul planted daffodils along this path, and they have naturalized.

Pathway through the park.
"I wandered lonely as a cloud . . ."

The woods were thick with daffodils.

More daffodils at every bend in the road!

Sunshine and daffodils . . .

An early patch of violets. All in all, a wonderful afternoon.

by Wordsworth

2 thoughts on “Take a Walk with Me . . .

  1. How beautiful early spring is. (Even if it is extra early this year.) Every spring teaches me something new, even something as mundane as “forsythia can be grown in any shape, from 10″ nubs to wild, sprawling thing, to several – and several ONLY – streaks of yellow”. When trees and shrubs flower, they invite identification; otherwise, they prefer to be anonymous. And, oh, the violets! Aren’t they pretty? The only time I actually SORT OF like dandelions is when they first start blooming and the violets are still going – for a week, maybe. When they coincide, my thing for blue and yellow shouts YES!!!

    1. I hear you! The forsythia seem especially bright this spring, or maybe I’m just so glad it’s spring that everything looks good. Nice to hear from you, Sherri. Fran

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