Happy Day after Easter

These irises started blooming today.

It seemed like a special Easter yesterday, perhaps because of the weather so perfect as to seem surreal, and the way every possible tree and flower seemed to be in bloom. And ever since Jim’s cancer diagnosis last fall (he has one more treatment to go) everything looks different to me, as though I have a new set of glasses.

In the morning, Jim and I attended church, and then my sister Kathy, my Mom, and I went on to dinner at my younger sister Janet’s home in Oak Park. Jim was too wiped out to go, and I assured him I would bring back a “doggy bag.”

When we got there I asked my sister if it would be okay for me to furtively prowl around taking pictures, because she sets a beautiful table, and always has wonderful food. She assured me it was okay, so I am sharing the pictures here today.

Niece Anne was in charge of the potatoes, which were like scalloped potatoes, but made in muffin tins in individual servings. Delish!

We all sat down to eat, and David, Janet’s husband, said grace.

Everyone had their own egg at their place.

Janet’s mother-in-law Virginia makes the most delicious cherry jello, served with cinnamon whipped cream.

Pansies in milk glass pots adorned the table.

My wonderful sisters, Kathy and Janet.

We had an Apricot Sour Cream Cake I made for dessert–most of it disappeared before I could take a picture. Jelly beans and chocolates were passed around, but at this point, we were groaning.

After dinner we went for a walk and passed this home–Frank Lloyd Wright had designed it for his mistress, Martha “Mamah” Cheney.

Janet made the mother of all doggy bags for Jim, and when I got home he had something of everything, including the last of the cherry jello.

Amaryllis blossoms at the kitchen window.

A good time was had by all! And Jim and I count our blessings.

4 thoughts on “Happy Day after Easter

  1. Oh, what a wonderful post to read!!! So glad you had a great day and Jim had his awesome doggy bag to enjoy. I’ll bet that invigorated him and chased the “treatment doldrums” away!!

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