A Visit to Heritage Prairie Farm

These cool spring days have been so beautiful, that  we hate to waste them. With that in mind, Jim and I drove out into the country, and visited Heritage Prairie Farm, in Elburn, Illinois. We didn’t have to drive far–the farm is just west of Randall Road on Highway 38. While perhaps not the ideal time of the year to visit a farm, and knowing that it was too early for  produce to be be available, I knew that they had a wonderful assortment of cheeses, and was looking for something special for dinner. We had already tried one of their honeys–a rosemary-flavored variety–and had really enjoyed it.

We headed straight for the Farm store.

Yes, they have a wonderful assortment of cheeses–I knew it would take awhile to decide on which, so we browsed.

Found these pretty plants . . .

and locally made pottery . . .

They have their own bee hives and sell honey as well as honey-related products. I believe the honey comes from a group of local honey-producers. You can even see a bee hive from within the store behind a glass window.

I can recommend their honey soap . . .

Organic lettuce in the cooler . . .

as well as apples . . .

Time to decide on what cheese to purchase! We bought Le Delice de Bourgogne, a triple-cream cow’s milk cheese from Burgundy, France. And we couldn’t resist some freshly made caramel corn.

On the way out, we visited a peacock.

Back home, I made homemade turkey soup (not peacock soup!), focaccia with slivers of garlic and grape tomatoes, and served the cheese along with. Watermelon somehow tasted light and fresh with this. By the way, I’m sure a cheese expert would not advise serving the cheese with the focaccia, but it tasted fine. On Wikipedia, I found the following description of this luscious cheese: “. . . a thin, pungent mold rind imparts straw and mushroom aromas, complementing the buttery yellow, sweet cream center.” It melted in my mouth like butter, and tomorrow I will taste a sliver with some strawberries.

The focaccia, which was a recipe called “Focaccia from Puglia,” from a book called Savory Baking from the Mediterranean, was wonderful–very light textured with a crisp crust, and buttery roasted garlic.

We will definitely be turning up again at Heritage Prairie Farm during the summer. Their first Outdoor Farmer’s Market will be Saturday, May 5, 9-1 pm. They host wedding parties, and serve special farm dinners. I can’t do justice to all they offer, so please visit their website!

Heritage Prairie Farm
2N308 Brundige Road
Elburn IL 60119

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