Now Opening, Near You

Clematis 'Mrs. Cholmondeley'

The longer I garden, the more I enjoy the subtleties of plants in all their stages of growth. Flowering, however beautiful, is no longer the main event in my eyes. The beauty of emerging leaves and buds also merits interest, and right now in my garden, buds are opening everywhere.

A word about Mrs. Cholmondeley. This clematis dates from 1873, and is pronounced “Mrs. Chumley.” I happened across this in my research, and am glad that I have saved us all from the embarrassment of pronouncing it with four syllables. There is a bit of a mystery to me about her color. The tag shows a purple-raspberry flower. The flowers in my garden are a dusty purple blue. On the Internet, she is blue. If only she could speak!

Clematis buds

The beauty of some clematis buds, showing nature’s exquisite care in packaging the petals.

The buds of a bush clematis–Clematis recta.

The noble  flowers of Heuchera ‘Bressingham Mix.’

White Dame's Rocket. It also comes in lavender.

Dame’s Rocket (Hesperis matronalis) is getting ready to open. A weed, but a beautiful one.

The emerging flower of a giant purple allium.

Ants tidying up a peony bud, getting ready for opening day.

Thalictrum–not exactly a household word, but maybe it should be! A tough plant that can hold its own in dry shade.

A wild columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) flower is almost open.

Little minarets of chive buds getting ready to open.

Walking down the garden path, the closer I look, the more I see.

2 thoughts on “Now Opening, Near You

  1. Yes, the clematis family has some interesting members! A gardener could specialize in clematis, and have something blooming from spring to fall.

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