Oceans of Hostas

Hosta ‘Pilgrim’ with Heuchera ‘Crimson Curls’

Hostas can be surprisingly controversial. I’ve heard gardeners blast the poor things with withering contempt, saying that they are the plant equivalent of beige orthopedic shoes. I think the problem is that in some ways hostas are a victim of their own success, and are used everywhere, often unimaginatively.

The tossing seas of Hosta ‘Krossa Regal’

I can’t help it, though. I love hostas, and have lots of them. I love the way groups of wavy-leaved hostas can look like small oceans, and how groups of some large hostas look like herds of elephants.  (It’s just occurred to me that you might not want herds of elephants in your garden, but I’m just trying to see them imaginatively!)

Others look like giant flowers.

The golden glow of  Hosta ‘Gold Standard’.

Hosta ‘Halcyon’ with variegated Solomon’s Seal

I love blue hostas!

Hosta ‘Invincible’ has beautifully shiny leaves.

The fabulous ‘Sum and Substance’. I’m proud of this because I received it as a gnarled crown in a plastic bag from Gurnee’s, and had to nurture it every step of the way.

Can you guess how large this hosta is? It’s a miniature, and is only six inches across.

I love the patterned effects created by hosta leaves.

Made for each other: hostas and heucheras.

The golden-edged Hosta ‘Sagae’ is a top-rated hosta.

To have beautiful hostas, be aware that most are not particularly happy in dry shade. They like soil of at least average moisture. Also, because they are easy to divide, gardeners divide them, though they often look best when left alone to become lush and ripple-y and over-the-top. Some of the most beautiful hostas I’ve ever seen were planted at the base of some old roses bushes–waves of gorgeous hostas lapped at the lowest branches of the bushes, hiding the roses’ knobby knees.

My own personal hosta prejudice is against specimens sitting chastely in a sea of mulch. They like nestling up against other plants.

Hope you have enjoyed this paean to the beauty of hostas.

2 thoughts on “Oceans of Hostas

  1. Fran, your hostas are GORGEOUS!! I never liked the “hosta as chaste and virginal specimen” either. They’re way too lovey to be without a partner – or several – to snuggle with! : )

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