A Walk Through the Garden, May 12, 2012

I walked through the garden this morning, inhaling the sweet fragrances of our late-blooming lilac bush and of the opening peonies. This has been a long, cool spring with lots of rain, and the garden is lush and green. Our bird feeder has been busy, mainly with gold finches, but yesterday morning a rose-breasted grosbeak stopped by to nibble on sunflower seeds. It’s the first time I have seen one, and it was like meeting a bird celebrity. Its plump body was really too big for the perch, but it was doing its best to forage for the seed.

Clematis Jackmanii has opened, and adorns our back steps.

And the peonies are opening.

A wild indigo, called Baptisia x variicolor ‘Twilite PrairieBlues’ (TM) is coming into full bloom. Later it will be adorned with striking seed pods.

This is the original iris that was in the garden when we moved into our house, so it may be quite old. It’ s a much more modest blossom than modern irises. On the other hand, it has never suffered attacks of the iris borer, so it’s a survivor.

This bicolor iris came from a neighbor’s garden.

This glorious creature is in my next door neighbor’s garden.

And, lastly, there is the Nameless Rose. Long ago, it came in the mail instead of the Fairy Rose I had ordered. It’s been a beautiful rose ever since.

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