A Garden Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a Rabbit stood among his roses and worried.

A butterfly emissary had told him that Princess Rose Pink was in trouble.

She waved pink silk handkerchiefs from her tower.

Everyone knew that the Scarlett Queen and her sisters hated Princess Rose Pink.

I am the most beautiful! cried the Scarlett Queen.

She also hated Princess Rose Blush . . .

the many Princesses Rose Violet . . .

and the Princesses Rose Lovely.

And she didn’t care for the blue fairies, either, in their sky blue silk dresses. “We’ll soon see who is the prettiest!” the Scarlett Queen snarled, as she swirled her red silk cloak.

“Go,” whispered the Rabbit to the butterfly, because he was also afraid of the Scarlett Queen. “Go and tell the Prince!”

The butterfly emissary fluttered as fast as he could to the Prince and told him that the Roses were in danger, and the Prince took his fer-de-lance and went to save them.

But the Scarlett Queen was so mean that she burst into flames from her meanness. And she and her sisters will not be seen again . . . until next year.

And all was happiness in the Garden.

The End.

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