Butterfly Collection

t was only the other day that I cavorted through my garden with a virtual butterfly net (the neighbors love this) and caught these butterflies. Be assured that no butterflies were harmed in this exercise, though I’m sure you’ll agree that I found some unusual specimens!

These were created by folding rectangles of fabric using origami, and you will find instructions at the end of this post. I plan to frame this page so as to enjoy my beautiful butterfly collection!

(By the way, sorry for the odd spaces in this post. The original post was created several years ago with a different format. Updating the post proved to be problematic! But the photos at the end should clarify the folding process.)

Here are the folding instructions for the butterflies. The small butterflies were made with 3 x 4″ rectangles, and the large butterfly was made with a 4 x 5″ rectangle. The easiest fabric to work with is laundered cotton of the type used for quilts. Do the folding on your ironing board, and iron with a steam iron as you go.






Butterfly folding instructions.




Note: The last steps for making the butterfly shown here are a little bit unclear.  Scroll down to the bottom to see some photos of these steps. Hope they make things clearer!





Fold the inner top corners down.
Turn this over and fold on the same lines.
This is the result.
Open up the front and back right side. Press on the “X” Repeat on the left side.
Shows the result of pressing on “X”
Both sides done. Fold down the lower right wing. Repeat on the left side.



10 thoughts on “Butterfly Collection

  1. Unusual specimens, indeed – but quite beautiful! Now, the question is how will these diverse butterfly personalities get along in such close association? Will Casual Butterfly tire of Prim Butterfly’s constant criticism of his dress? Will Shy Night ever admit his crush on Rare Blue Lace? And if so, will Rare White With Blue Flowers wallop him in a rage of jealousy? Seriously, Fran, they are really pretty. I just have always made up scenarios involving things I see!

  2. Fran-I have noticed those itty bitty blue butterflies around this spring–I don’t remember those for years–but do remember them as a kid. Your fabric ones are lovely!

  3. Love your butterflies but I just cannot do them. I can get as far as step 5 but step 6 just does not work for me. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Pauline–Please check out an update to the butterfly post. I have added some photos to clarify the process. it definitely was not clear! I apologize for any confusion. Thanks for stopping by. Fran

  4. Hi Pauline–It’s been a while since I made these, so today I will follow my own instructions and work through what the problem might be. So I will get back to you shortly. Take care. Fran

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