A Walk in the Garden, June 12, 2012

Well, summer is here, and I know this without looking at the calendar, because the lilies are bursting open, and you can almost hear the fanfare  as they unfurl. The soft pastels of spring have faded, and today, everything seems to be in shades of translucent orange or fiery crimson.

This lily just opened today. Ta-da!

Lilies are amazing!

A peach-colored lily called ‘Lorelei’, a bit lost in the shuffle, I’m afraid.

Don’t confuse daylilies with lilies–it really perturbs lily-lovers! This is a nameless, pass-along daylily from a friend.

Another nameless, but beautiful, daylily from a plant sale.

To cool off from all the fiery color, let’s  stop by the fountain. Jim made it from a concrete planter, and although small, its burbling is extremely relaxing to listen to as we sit on a nearby bench.
Not everything is orange–here is a perennial sweet pea. The plant is scrambling up a rose tower.

The gooseberries are turning rosy red.

I love the translucent orange of butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa).

It’s been a good year for larkspur!

The “salt shaker” seed pods of columbines. When the wind blows, seeds will be shaken all around.

This hosta is restful-looking after all the lily and daylily excitement.

Time to go inside!

10 thoughts on “A Walk in the Garden, June 12, 2012

  1. Oh, and wasn’t it a beautiful day to be outside? Your butterfly weed is ahead of mine, Fran. Mine is just budding. I love the little birdie guy in the last pic! Tomorrow, I plan to take my Charlotte Bronte book “Villette” outside to read on the patio all day to finish – I’m about half way through. It’s a great read read. Such awesome weather!

  2. P.S. I totally agree about the restfull quality of hostas. Being wired as I am, my gardens are about 3/4 hostas and other peaceful woodlanders and 1/4 “color pop”! I suspect you share these tendencies, my friend.

  3. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen gooseberries. My grandmother had them in her garden. I think she used them for making jam.

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