Adorable Goldfinches

Male and female goldfinches.

Just recently I purchased a new camera, and have been having fun photographing everything in sight. Since we have a bird feeder by the kitchen window, and my camera has a telephoto lens, soon I was trying to photograph the goldfinch family who lives in a nearby pine tree. They have a nice life, mainly consisting of fluttering around, and flying back and forth from the feeder to the pine tree. In my last post, I used a few of the photos, and hope you don’t mind seeing a few more. There is a male and female goldfinch and some grownup nestlings, and to be honest, I can’t always tell which is the female and which are the nestlings.

Goldfinches look so small, but they eat like tiny truckdrivers.

This little fellow was particularly adorable, and sat quietly at the feeder for at least 15 minutes.

Still looking adorable.
These are like baby pictures–just one more.

Maybe they all look adorable.

They really are voracious, and will empty the feeder in about two to three days.

The male poses for one last shot.

Nearby, the edible daylilies have started to open. (Note: Regarding daylily bud edibility, I advise just eating one or two buds to make sure they agree with you, before eating a large quantity.)

4 thoughts on “Adorable Goldfinches

  1. I love your goldfinches. I haven’t had any at my bird feeder. Maybe I am not setting out the right kind of food.

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