A Visit to Josie’s Antiques

A vignette at Josie’s Antiques.

Last Sunday, my sister Kathy and I drove out to Josie’s Antiques for a shopping afternoon.

Little did we know that we were heading right into a storm. We pulled off the road and waited, all the while pelted with hailstones.

By the time we got there, the storm was over, and the sun began to fitfully shine.

The “store” consists of a wonderful barnful of antiques, a general store, a Tranquil Cottage, and a variety of outbuildings. A lot to look at!

There are animals to say hello to. Note to myself: Bring carrots next time! This little fellow trotted right over to the fence, and was disappointed!

We started our explorations in the barn. We climbed stairs up into the “hayloft.”

Here’s a view of the barn and its treasures from the hayloft.

I loved this little pansy table.

Then we went to the garden room.

On our way we said hello to this fellow.

And to the “girls.”

The little outbuildings are wonderful, and have antiques for sale, as well.

I want to live here!

I bought homemade lavender-mint soap displayed in this apothecary room.

A bowl of old-fashioned remedies.

We passed an angel on the way to the general store.

An interesting assortment of this and that.

More this and that.

We stopped to visit the peacocks.

In the Tranquil Cottage, I noted these bird books.

It’s very cozy here in the winter.

My sister Kathy in the cottage.

Here’s the view outside the cottage window.

The trip back was a lot easier!

My loot!

Josie’s Antiques is open year around (except for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas) from 12-5 pm. Josie’s Facebook page is at http://www.facebook.com/josies.antiques.  The address is 15454 Rte. 38, Maple Park, IL (815) 756-1920. The store is on Route 38, five miles east of DeKalb, Illinois and nine miles west of Rte. 47.

6 thoughts on “A Visit to Josie’s Antiques

  1. Great post – I especially like the apothecary room, old remedies and the vintage scales! I could spend hours looking at all the different objects so it’s maybe a good thing I’m not local !

  2. Thanks Fran, this looks like the kind of place Fred and I used to love visiting. The last thing we need in our new home is more stuff, but we will try to get out there as soon as the weather breaks. I hope it will break.

    1. One of the fun things about it is that it used to be a farm, and is still right out in the middle of farm fields. I especially loved the little outbuildings. I hope the weather breaks, too! Fran

    1. Actually, I think it was a little desk with a pansy insert in front, which come to think of it, I’ve never seen anything like it before. We have to go back to take another look!

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