Paper Lace Jar Liners

Paper cutting crafts are among my favorites, because they cost next to nothing, and can be so beautiful. These paper lace jar liners are an example. The original idea came from The Book of Paper Cutting by Chris Rich, which is a wonderful book on the subject. (It’s available on right now for 78 cents + shipping!) A paper strip is cut to fit a jar, and a design is cut from the strip. The strip is rolled up and placed into the jar, and then filled with beans or pasta. While I am trying to make this seem like a practical idea, actually it’s just a way to bring something pretty onto our pantry shelves!

Paper Lace Jar Liners

Supplies: Straight-sided jars, drawing paper, plastic stencil, craft knife, sharp pencil.

The stencil is used as a pattern for cutting, and it’s best to look for a simple pattern without large openings. I used a leaf sprig pattern from Plaid Simply Stencils #28598CBULK. Patterns with large openings will allow jar contents to slip between the paper and the jar. Also, this project doesn’t work for storing fine-grained foods like couscous. The paper I used was Strathmore Drawing paper. You might try copy paper, but I’m not sure it would be substantial enough.

How to: Measure the circumference of the jar, and the height of the straight part of the jar, and use these measurements to cut out a paper strip. If you have a paper cutter, that is ideal. Cut the height about 1/4″ shorter than your measurement so that the paper fits smoothly into the jar.

Determine the center point of the strip. Position your stencil over the center point, and draw the pattern with a sharp pencil. You might want to place the paper strip onto a thick magazine for cutting. Using a craft knife, cut out the pattern. Roll up the paper strip and insert into jar, and fill with beans or pasta. I filled the jars, and tied a jaunty torn gingham ribbon around each one.

By the way, the crocheted shelf edging pattern is in a post from Jan. 20, 2012, and the painted bird tin can is a post from Jan. 4, 2012.

Meanwhile, the drought continues, though it stormed the night before last, and we finally had a good rain. Here are some phlox, but I have to say the flowers are smaller than usual, having struggled through the dry weather.

By the back door, this garden vignette makes my heart smile.

A dramatic goldfinch moment the other evening when the storm was coming. Batten down the hatches!

4 thoughts on “Paper Lace Jar Liners

  1. Mr. Goldfinch certainly does look like he’s directing an emergency weather-related procedure. “Move away from windows. If you have a basement, please locate in its southwest corner until further notification . . .”

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