A Kaleidoscope of Quilts

Former Holy Cross Church, Batavia, IL

Yesterday I attended the Batavia Quilt & Textile Show, held in a hall attached to a former church that is on the National Register of Historic Places. I went to the show with some apprehension–it was hard to imagine coming out of it with my credit card unscathed, or my head not filled with a hundred new ideas, but I plunged in anyway. Right away, I loved the yo-yo quilt shown above–this would be a great project if you had lots of fabric scraps. The quilt’s creator, Peggy Benzin, said that she had been looking for a project to occupy her during a long car trip. Looks like this was it! You could definitely decorate a room around this.

I’m afraid that I didn’t get every name for every quilt–my apologies to anyone not identified.

Next I saw this quilt made with handkerchiefs that had been left to the quilter, Rita Bowgren, by her mother and aunts. The workmanship was exquisite.

Really enjoyed this quilt called “Bug Jar,” by Anita Karp. Each jar is a different fabric with a bug theme!

“Hot Cross Buns” by Colleen Stephans was a pretty lap quilt, a reminder that not every quilt needs to be a big production.

Here was a color lesson for me. Taken individually, these fabrics wouldn’t be my favorites. But when combined this skillfully, their jewel-like tones pop against the white.

This quilt, called “Yellow Zinger” by Marsha Maxwell somehow manages to look wonderfully old and wonderfully new at the same time. In person, the yellow is more vivid than shown here.

I really enjoyed this pelican, and was amazed at the skill of the machine quilting.

Some antique quilts were displayed, as well.

Even the ruins of this quilt are lovely.

Uh-oh. My downfall–books, patterns, projects . . .

These fabric balls can be knitted and crocheted with.

Batavia is a beautiful old town, and I enjoyed seeing its homes as I walked back to the car.

Many of the homes are built with the local limestone.

Driving through Geneva going back home, saw the corner building where scenes from the movie “The Road to Perdition” were filmed.  I was in the crowd as Jude Law was filmed walking purposefully across the street, again and again. Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles are strung like pearls along the Fox River.

Back home, I looked at my loot: an irresistible book of old-fashioned redwork patterns, a ball of hand-dyed pearl cotton, and a bit of antiqued muslin.

And I got out my own quilt project I’m working on–still in early stages. I’ve torn long strips from old shirts and will be sewing the strips together, with the idea that it looks like a quilt of indigo fabrics. I made the checkerboard lap quilt beneath the basket from one man’s shirt and some muslin.

Meanwhile, life in the finch world goes on, with this fellow looking a bit wistful, perhaps thinking about how life was better when he was just a young finch.

5 thoughts on “A Kaleidoscope of Quilts

  1. Fran, thanks for posting the quilt pics! I wanted to go to this show, but had another obligation. This gave me at least a small taste of the wonderful quilts they had on display. I hope to make the show next year!

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