A Few More Photos from Cantigny

The Cantigny Idea Garden.

Looking through the photos from my trip Saturday morning to Cantigny Park, I found a few more to post. One thing to note: They use a lot of annuals at Cantigny, growing them themselves in their own greenhouse. For us, these “premium annuals” would be expensive if purchased at a nursery. But there’s no reason why we couldn’t use these ideas on a smaller scale, in containers, for instance, to keep the cost affordable.

A line-up of ornamental millet ‘Jade Princess’ is really striking. It can be used in containers. Down in front is an angelonia, and nearby (not shown) a vivid red geranium.

A modern-looking array of a dracaena amidst Euphorbia ‘White Diamonds”. Euphorbias can be very drought resistant. This combination would work well in a container, especially if you’d like something easy and minimalist.

A colorful, drought-resistant combination of zinnias and dill–perfect for the look of a country garden.

Love this vinca, called Vinca ‘Jams ‘n Jellies’ Blackberry. The color is a fabulous indigo, and could work with many color schemes: indigo, fuchsia and cream; indigo, violet and orange; indigo, yellow, and rose; indigo, pale blue, and white.

I posted one picture of the Jewels of Opar yesterday–here’s a a larger view showing how it was used along a walkway.

Thalictrum ‘Lavender Mist’ shimmers in the shade. It’s about six feet tall, but forms a screen to see through to the rest of the garden. This is a tough, long-lived plant.

Lastly, good old purple coneflower, showing how the familiar can be grown beautifully and imaginatively.

Well, I actually have more photos, but think I’ll wait until some horribly freezing day in January to post them, when we will really appreciate seeing something green and alive. Take care.

2 thoughts on “A Few More Photos from Cantigny

  1. Fran, thanks for the post – these are wonderful pictures! I have to say something about Jewels of Opar: I bought 3 or 4 of these premium annuals 5 years ago. They were lovely! Once they set seed, though, I had about 15 little “Jewel” seedlings. The seedlings are unmistakable – two little leaves of the exact chartreuse color of the parent. I pulled them as I thought perhaps this was going to be an aggressive sower. I really shouldn’t have because they disappeared for 5 years until this year. Unexplicably, two little Jewel seedlings showed up WAAAAYYYY across the yard two weeks ago. I’m letting them grow!

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