Thank You

Last October I posted about my husband Jim and his cancer diagnosis. I want to update everyone with the good news that after 12 rounds of chemo that he has been pronounced cancer-free. I am whispering this, and not shouting it to the rafters because I don’t want to tempt fate or gremlins. So far, so good.

Jim’s diagnosis was wrenching to us both, and over the past year both of us have changed, I think for the better. I am a steadier and more sober person, having been shown brief, but incredibly intense glimpses of just how precious life is. So some of the silliness has been knocked out of me, and that’s a good thing.  Jim remains as good as he always has been–he definitely is my “better half.”

All this has made me think about this blog and about re-shaping it in the coming months. I have been really struck by how a blog consumes “content,” and I have watched a Niagara Falls-like torrent of content pouring over a cliff and dissolving into the mist. Writing a book was more like building a house–I can look back and it’s still there. With this in mind, I’ve decided to post less, and when I do post to focus on garden-related subjects. My short-term goal is to become a better photographer, as I’ve really been bitten by the bug. This will leave me time to return to painting watercolors, especially of birds.

Meanwhile, thank you for coming to my blog. I’ve really appreciated your kind and informative comments. Namaste.

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