Into the Woods . . . Part 2

yellow wax bells (Kirengeshoma palmata)

Before going one step further down the path into my sister Kathy’s garden, I want to note that she has a moist shade garden with good drainage. (I am so jealous!) The back wooded lot slopes down to a ravine, so that all the moisture in the surrounding area percolates downward through the soil, which is a bit damp, but not sodden or marshy.

As I walked along, I noticed the lovely Japanese maples. Kathy notes that she first got the idea for planting them after a trip to China. She saw these maples growing in the wild, and looking so lovely that she decided to give them a try.

There are many different varieties of Japanese maple. I have seen them growing in a variety of situations, though I think dry shade would not be good for them.

One more!

Moving along, here is Jack Frost Brunnera, shining in the shade. Kathy has this planted in a number of spots in the garden. When something works, use it!

Also brightening up the shade, here is a closeup of the fabulous Hakonechloa macra, probably a cultivar called ‘Aureola’.

Making lemonade out of a lemon, Kathy kept portions of tree trunk from a tree that had to be taken down. As well as providing a garden focal point, it forms its own little ecosystem.

There are so many wonderful ferns available nowadays, there’s no reason to stick to the usual.

It’s surprising what will grow in dappled shade!

Kathy uses lots of fancy begonias in her containers. They look spectacular and flourish in high humdity.

Another one! There are many fancy begonia varieties available. To learn more about them, click on the “Glasshouse Works” link in the right sidebar, and browse their catalog.

Our last stop is to enjoy an autumn crocus, in full bloom. What a wonderful surprise for this time of year!

Kathy is available for garden assessments and planning. She can be reached at

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