Note (7/15/2015) : Josie’s Antigues is now closed. Sorry to hear it.

Yesterday I went antiquing with my sisters Kathy and Janet. We went to Josie’s Antiques in Maple Park, Illinois, and Amazing Grace in Elburn. I have already posted about these stores (July 5, 2012), but there is so much to see that I hope you don’t mind a “re-visit.”

This is pretty much what you will see driving on Route 38 out of Geneva, Illinois. What a beautiful day!

Arriving at Amazing Grace, I noted these pretty geraniums on the porch–a welcoming sight.

We wandered throughout the house and I ran across another nut grinder, which I bought. Now I have three nut grinders, and they are threatening to turn into a collection.

My sisters, having fun.

I always am attracted to old cookbooks.

Wish I had bought this wonderful old book–I’ve just seen the movie. Guess I’ll have to go back!

Blue books with blue candles.

Also wish I’d bought this beautiful length of crocheted lace. Definitely will have to go back!

All of these would look good in my hutch, especially the covered cheese dish.

We had lunch at Papa G’s in Elburn, to fortify us for the coming afternoon at Josie’s.

This sweet dog lay in front of the door of the main building. Everyone carefully stepped over him.

His sister lay in the nearby hostas and clover.

An old motto stitched on perforated paper.

Love this daffodil plate.

Slightly scary old pharmaceuticals.

We loved this old hutch, with its mysterious green-blue color of paint.

I had a little nibble of pound cake, to keep my strength up.

Kathy, finding a treasure.

Crossing the yard to the outbuildings, we ran across these glossy black ducks. They had their own wading pool.

I loved this little outbuilding, filled with herbs. Would they notice if I moved in?

A pretty group of herbs.

Yum! An ice cream stand in Elburn.

At home, I unpacked my “booty,”–so much fun! My prize was this old sewing box from Josie’s. I’ve never seen one like it. It has spools inside for thread, and space for needles and other misc. sewing items. It’s pretty battered, so I will be shining up the brass fittings, and cleaning and waxing the wood, which is speckled with fine paint drops.

At Amazing Grace, as well as purchasing the nut grinder, I found a blue and white pillow top marked down from $7 to $2 (OMG), a little blue oil lamp, a wonderful old Blue Willow dinner plate, and a little mouse pin wearing eyeglasses.

Hope your coming week is a good one. Namaste. Fran

2 thoughts on “Antiquing

    1. I was thrilled to find it, and when I have cleaned it, I will post a photo. I am wondering if it wasn’t the sewing case of a professional seamstress, but it contains absolutely no clues. Thanks for stopping by! Fran

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