In the Garden, September 19, 2012

Cool, restless winds have been gusting through my garden all day, whipping the tree branches and leaves into a froth, and I found myself wondering who was the Greek god of north winds. As it turns out, it’s Boreas, a purple-winged god with ice on his hair and beard. His child is Khione, the goddess of snow. These really aren’t gloomy thoughts, as I love the cool air, as well as the quieter (except for the wind) turn the garden has taken.

Yesterday, I tossed some Brazil nuts beneath the bird feeder, and this little squirrel popped up. I have to say, he’s one of the cutest squirrels I have ever seen, but perhaps I am misinterpreting the rapacious glint in his eye.

He sat for a good hour under the feeder, nibbling on the nuts.

Meanwhile, signs of fall, such as asters blooming, have appeared in the garden.

I used to think that asters were dull, and, actually, I still think this, but it’s a pleasant dullness, and they mix well with wild grape vines, goldenrod, and the dangling berries of Solomon’s Seal.

A snowy cascade of asters.

Some ivy, which we should tear off of our garage, but never do. You can see my camera peering in rather mysteriously.

Meanwhile, with the feeder swaying in the wind, the gold finches continue to munch imperturbably.

And the purple finch again looks in to see what I’m making for dinner. I don’t want to tell him it’s turkey kielbasa.

And poses for his portrait.

Keeping an eye on things.

I’ve been enjoying imagining my garden as a place where a purple-winged god strides, and that is alive with birds and other little animals. I hope your week is going well. Namaste. Fran

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