Leaves Falling

I’ve been thinking about leaves lately, both their presence and absence. Scarlet maple leaves are often my favorite, but I love the sheer variety of oak leaves, even though most are a leathery brown.

The weekend started out brightly, and I admired the lemon yellow of the hostas. This is a hosta virtue that usually goes unmentioned–that they can be so spectacular in the fall.

On Sunday afternoon, the tornado sirens wailed in the distance, and I took this picture before grabbing the cats and hot-footing it down into the basement. A minute or so of gale-force winds blew through, and torrential rain began to fall.

Not many leaves were left!

Thinking about leaves made me wonder if there was a good origami leaf pattern available, and I found one in Minigami by Gay Merrill Gross. It’s easy to make, and could be used as a gift tag, a book mark, or a name tag at a place setting.

Here are the instructions.

A pile of leaves, both real and origami.

A last thought on leaves.

We are moving indoors, closing the windows, removing screens, and settling into fall. Here is cat Rosie, fast asleep. Namaste. Fran

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