Finding Jewels in the Garden

On this cold November day, I took a stroll through my sister’s garden, and was surprised to find many jewels glinting amidst the autumn leaves, as though strewn there by a fleeing pirate. This vivid red maple leaf could be an exotic ruby.

I found silver, too . . . this is Jack Frost brunnera.

The leaves of this heuchera almost look like silver dollars.

Peering into the bird bath, I can almost see infinity.

A closer look.

The soft colors of a grass mingling with an epimedium.

Peering through the foliage at a toadflax flower, I almost feel like I’m seeing a rare albino tiger.

Then we come to monkshood, in its glowing shades of translucent amethyst.

Much is made of monkshood being poisonous, but unless you plan on snacking on it, it will pose no problem.

You can almost  hear the tiny tinkling bells of this heuchera.

A  dramatic fern! Ok, I admit it–I photoshopped it! If only we could do this to our actual gardens.

In my own garden, the rosettes of Lychnis coronaria are ready for next year.

And finally, the tiny leaves of this thyme plant flow in a determined river, and bear close inspection.

Thanks for taking this tour with me. Hope the coming days are good ones for you. Namaste. Fran

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